The Natural Therapeutic Minerals You Have Been Waiting For To Treat & Cure Skin

We take a personal and holistic
approach to Skin Care.

  • The Most Potent & Therapeutic Mud Hand Picked From The Northern Dead Sea: 

         We hand select the best mud from the cleanest mineral/saline enriched sources in the Northern area of the Dead Sea      (See Gallery For Up-close Shots).
(Not All Dead Sea Mud Is Created Equal. Our Mud Comes With A Best Dead Sea Mud Guarantee)

  • Fresh 100% Natural Mud With No Additives and Completely Unprocessed

        You receive the purest Dead Sea Mud available on earth. Much of the mud being sold in fancy packaging has been sitting on shelves for years.
        Our mud ships days or even hours after it was hand selected.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee 

        You Are Guaranteed To Receive The Freshest & Most Potent Dead Sea Mud On Earth Or Your Money Back. We have a 100% positive feedback score.

Can't make it to the Dead Sea? We'll bring the Dead Sea to you. You will receive your selected weight of the purest, cleanest, freshest and most potent mud on earth (hand selected).

Begin treating aging, wrinkles, lines, eyes, skin, athletes foot, fungus, nails, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, acne and pimples now.

Call us now to find the amount of mud you will need to treat your specific condition.

Have Questions On How The Mud Works or How Much You Will Need?
Call Our Customer Service Line Now At 516-554-8771 (US)

People spend thousands traveling to the Dead Sea to heal their skin and pamper themselves.
They want the real and natural medically accepted treatment.
That's exactly what you are getting here without the expensive flight.
Most dead sea mud on E-bay is old  mud mixed in with honey and many other additives.
Just because the word "Dead Sea" is on a product it does not mean it is the real thing.
In Israel doctors prescribe patients suffering from various skin ailments time at the dead sea. These Dead Sea visits (including hotel rooms) get subsidized by the health insurance company.
That's how powerful Dead Sea mud is. Even conventional medicine has recognized it's tremendous benefits.

Did you know that the Dead Sea is the most saline body of water in the universe and has a mineral concentration of around 32%?
According to The Dead Sea Research Center in the Southern region of Israel.
Mud from the Dead Sea has a high content of salts and minerals that are claimed to be essential for the body, and it is widely used in Pelotherapy.
In other words, the mud has benefits for anyone and everyone at any age group.
Dead Sea Mud may thus remove toxins and impurities from the skin, tighten and tone the complexion, and improve blood circulation, which may in turn aid in cell regeneration.

The cost for our hand picked, most potent, and freshest Dead Sea Mud is $11.00 For 7 Ounces (198 Grams). You can order in 7 Ounce intervals. Fill out the form below and make a secure credit card payment.

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